Blog credibility

Blog creditability were normally build through comments/ feedback by other readers, if the comments were all positive, that means that the creditability were higher than those blogs without any comments on. Another ways to build creditability was to be backed up by credible sources such as journal references, or other website references when posting a particular topics.

Below are an example of the credible website.


Sandra Azzollini (2012) has stated in her article, that a credible website must have a rich in content to get readers keep returning to the website and familiar with their blog, while in the same time, they must try to get the reader participate in giving feedbacks, comments in order to make the blog better & more trust can be gain through interactive.


In conclusion, a good and creditable blog must be updated constantly, and must provide a platform to integrating with with readers, such as reply the comments regularly to obtain feedback, and keep the readers entertained, a good simple design of the blog is also required as if the blog were full of unknown hyperlinks or too complicated, it might reduce the creditability of the blog As trust is the most important element to keep the site credible.

Azzollini S, 2012, Building Creditibality With Online Communities : Tips From Professional News Room, online, viewed 15th april 2013, from


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